News - 09/06/2016

Aereco Support Retrofit Academy as Ventilation Sponsor

Aereco is delighted to announce that it has concluded a deal with The Retrofit Academy to become their Tier One Ventilation Partner.

Aereco develops, innovates and manufactures ventilation solutions for residential and commercial buildings with a key concept, the modulation of airflow rates based on need.

Sponsorship is only open to organisations that share their ethos and values. Their tutors have the final say on who can sponsor the academy as we are effectively endorsing that company’s products and services. “With Aereco, this was a remarkably simple process – the tutors had no hesitation in endorsing them ”, said David Pierpoint, chief executive of The Retrofit Academy. “Aereco’s dedication and track record in field ventilation and IAQ is a great fit with the Academy”.

Peter Rickaby, co-author of the Academy Retrofit Ventilation course said: “The Academy has been promoting demand controlled ventilation for some time: we are happy to recommend Aereco to clients.”

Aereco will become the sponsor of the Retrofit Ventilation course, which is a core part of the Retrofit Coordinator Diploma. The Academy has trained more than 500 built environment and housing professionals, and ventilation has always been a crucial element of the training.

Speaking on behalf of Aereco, Commercial Director Simon Jones said:

“The Academy’s Retrofit Coordinator Diploma is the leading training available in the energy efficiency sector, and is equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead complex projects. Aereco is proud to support the initiative.”

More information at https://www.retrofitacademy.org/