Monitoring studies - 10/27/2011

Tokyo, Japan – Monitoring Demand Controlled MEV

Started in February 2008 in a 30 year old building in the centre of Tokyo, this study monitored and recorded several ventilation parameters during a couple of weeks, to evaluate the performances of a humidity controlled mechanical ventilation system.

Managed by the NILIM (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management), this project is the result of collaboration with Aereco SA. The dwelling, belonging to Tokyo Gas Company, was composed of two bedrooms and three technical rooms with a total surface area of 40m2 (and a ceiling height of 2.50m). Human occupancy was simulated by means of four humidity and heat emitters, located in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, while the ventilation performances were measured through specific instrumentation located in each ventilation device (air inlets and air extract units).

More information in this brochure.