Monitoring studies - 10/27/2011

Performance project – Large scale monitoring of demand controlled MEV in occupied housing, France

Beginning in November 2007, a two year monitoring study was carried out on two newly built apartment blocks (one in Paris and the other near Lyon), covering a total of 30 occupied apartments fitted with humidity controlled mechanical extract ventilation.

This performance project offered the opportunity to precisely measure the efficiency of the French standard ventilation system (Humidity Controlled Mechanical Extract Ventilation), in general, and Aereco Demand Controlled Ventilation in particular. After an initial assessment of the installation (building envelope, ductwork and airflows), measurements of representative parameters for energy consumption and indoor air quality were taken.

This study contributed to an improved understanding of the parameters that can influence the operational performance of the ventilation system. The results, compiled through the measurement of CO2 and humidity concentrations, demonstrated the efficiency of the humidity controlled systems. A high level of indoor air quality with a negligible risk of condensation, and energy savings of 30% through heat-loss (over a fixed air-flow system) was achieved in these over-occupied dwellings, which extrapolates to a 55% energy saving at the statistically average level of occupancy in France.

Over half of all newly built homes in France are equipped with this type of ventilation system.

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