Very silent systems through airflow modulation, efficient motors, foams and even more with the use of dedicated active air supply distribution box (DX Hub).

Achieved filtration to prevent from outdoor air particles: optimal and large filter surface design to limit the clogging for maximal life-time.

Very flexible range of 4 models to meet all the needs: place of installation (ceiling or wall), level of detection (local or global) and sensing parameter (incl. CO2, humidity, presence, VOCs).

Full system offer: all the elements of the systems are provided by Aereco, guarantying full compatibility and quality (according to country).


A comfortable climate

Heat recovery ventilation DX System continually supplies pollen-free and dust-free fresh air to living areas, ensuring a comfortable feel-good climate. The supply air is preheated by the exhaust air in the very efficient heat exchanger and by the optional preheater.

Best energy efficiency

Whether fully room-by-room demand controlled (Excellence version) or partially room-by-room controlled at the supply and room-by-room controlled at the exhaust (Premium version), the DX System optimally uses the exhaust heat to preheat the fresh air and thus offers an energy-efficient solution, whatever the version. Moreover, the demand controlled management enables to decrease significantly the electrical consumption of the system. The best energy-efficiency class A+ is achieved by all the versions of the DX System.

Even in summer, DX ventilation systems are the best choice

As soon as the temperatures rise, the fresh airflows pass through the heat recovery and is directed into the living areas without need for preheating. In cooler summer nights, the fresh air can be used to cool down the heated rooms, by bypassing the heat exchanger.

Easy to maintain 

A color LCD touch screen allows the occupant to view system parameters, to diagnose operation, to control setups such as automatic bypass temperature, to boost ventilation or to action a free cooling on demand. It also notifies the occupant when the filters need to be replaced.

Version Excellence Premium Evolution Reference
DXR White painted galavanized steel White painted galavanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
DXA EPP with optional white metal sheet cover EPP with optional white metal sheet cover EPP with optional white metal sheet cover EPP with optional white metal sheet cover
HUB5 Galvanized steel
HUB6 Galvanized steel
Demand Controlled Ventilation        
@ Exhaust Room-by-room demand control Room-by-room demand control Room-by-room demand control Constant exhaust airflow
@ Supply Room-by-room demand control Global flow demand control Global flow modulated to balance exhaust airflow Constant airflow (same that exhaust airflow)
Sensors @ supply 1 to 5 At least 1
Sensors @ exhaust 1 to 5 1 to 5 1 to 5
Max. Airflow 230 230 230 230
Other nominal airflows 80 / 140 / 200 80 / 140 / 200 80 / 140 / 200 80 / 140 / 200
Free-cooling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preheating Yes (optional) Yes (optional) Yes (optional) Yes (optional)
Power consumption        
Ecodesign label A+ A+ A+ A
Interface Touchscreen Touchscreen Control module / Wifi Control module / Wifi
Condensation management Siphon or pump Siphon or pump Siphon or pump Siphon or pump

How it works ?

Heat recovery ventilation – MVHR

The DX System use the heat recovery ventilation. It  is comprised of a heat recovery unit (DXA Unit or DXR Unit (1)) connected to exhaust and supply ductworks. The counter-flow heat exchanger, integrated into the main unit, ensures the recovery and transfer of most of the energy from the exhaust air to the supply air, thus limiting the energy required to heat the fresh air.

Airflows are automatically controlled according to the needs of each dwelling’s room (room by room DCV): Outdoor filtered air is supplied (3) in the bedrooms and in the living room. Stale air is extracted (6) from the kitchen, bathroom and WC.

On the supply side, depending on the DX System version installed, one or many sensors (5) can adjust the airflow to all main rooms based on the CO2 level or based on the presence detection.

On the exhaust side, the BXC units adjust automatically the airflow, according to parameters read by various sensors: humidity (used in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in WC), presence (can be used in WC). Versions with switch, presence, remote, CO2 or VOC sensors can also be used for exhaust units.

At all times, total supply airflows and total exhaust airflows are measured by the heat recovery unit. These airflows are balanced thanks to an exhaust controlled compensation valve (8) . This valve can be located in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In Excellence version only, an additional compensation valve, integrated in the DX Hub (2) , adjusts supply compensation airflow, supplying preheated (9) fresh air in the living room, in the kitchen or in a corridor. Compensation valves are linked to dedicated compensation exhaust unit (7) or dedicated compensation supply unit (4) . The use of an exhaust compensation valve is also a solution to increase considerably the airflows. This scenario is used in order to get a very efficient over-ventilation mode, also called free cooling mode.

To reach the required supply airflows in each main room (bedrooms or living room), dedicated dampers located in the DX Hub (2) modulate room by room supply airflows according to the information sent by each electronic sensors placed in the main rooms. For example, when the main rooms are occupied, the presence or CO2 sensors that are located in these rooms send the information to the system to adapt the airflow according to the demand. To reach the required exhaust airflows in each technical room (kitchen, bathroom, WC, …), dampers located in the exhaust units modulate room by room extract airflows according to the passive or active sensor placed within each exhaust unit.

Supply airflows and exhaust airflows are measured by the use of accurate pressure sensors placed in the heat recovery unit. This allows to calculate with a high accuracy supply and exhaust airflows, without influence of clogging filters or ductwork pressure drop. It ensures the highest efficiency for the system. So that, energy savings are at their maximum.


Example of a typical SYSTEM EXCELLENCE version

Example of a typical DX SYSTEM PREMIUM version


Code Premium version Excellence version
DXRDXA DX Unit Heat recovery unit with balanced demand controlled airflows x1 (DXR or DXA) x1 (DXR or DXA)
HUB 5 – HUB 6 DX Hub Distribution box for demand controlled supply aiflows x1 (DX Hub 5 or 6)
SDC 100 Supply unit x1 to x6 x1 to x6
SDC 125 Supply unit for balance x1
S-CO2 CO2 sensor at least x1 (S-CO2 or S-PRE) x1 to x5 (S-CO2 or S-PRE)
S-PRE Presence sensor at least x1 (S-CO2 or S-PRE) x1 to x5 (S-CO2 or S-PRE)
BXC Exhaust unit with integrated humidity, presence detection or other sensors x1 to x5 x1 to x5
BXC b Exhaust unit for balance x1 x1
Motorized valves Exhaust compensation valve x1 x1
Preheater Galvanised steel body with built-in resistance x1 (optional) x1 (optional)
Touch screen Display and control module for the user also used for maintenance x1 x1
ADX1099 – Condensate pump for DXR. Aereco specific cable    
ADX1197 – RJ45 cable, length 5 m    
ADX1123 – RJ45 cable, length 10 m    
ADX1249 – RJ12 cable, length 5 m    
ADX1250 – RJ12 cable, length 10 m    
ADX1251 – RJ12 cable, length 20 m    
ADX1252 – RJ12 cable, length 30 m    

Note: some other components may be used in the system such as condensation exhaust pump, acoustic silencers, etc.

IHM DX SYSTEM Excellence (HUB 6)

Installation and use instructions of the graphic interface for room-by-room demand controlled heat recovery – TF6360_A

IHM DX SYSTEM Excellence (HUB 5)

Installation and use instructions of the graphic interface for room-by-room demand controlled heat recovery – TF6359_A


Interface utilisateur – Installation et utilisation – TF5821_E // EN – DE – FR


Product booklet – FLY653_v4

DX System

Product booklet – FLY651_v8

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