Reference : UK – Ludlow

Residential - 20/07/2014

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Ludlow, South Shropshire

These code 3 homes, built for South Shropshire Housing Association, were constructed using a “fabric first” approach with close attention given to air-tightness, featuring insulation materials from Kingspan, Cotex and Rockwool, and ventilation provided by an Aereco Demand Controlled Passive Stack system.

The fabric first approach has the distinct advantage of ensuring the homes remain energy efficient for the lifetime of the buildings, and thus negating the possibility of a “performance gap” often associated with the installation of more complex energy efficiency technologies, and also removing any need to “train” occupants in their use.

The installation of Demand Controlled Passive Stack Ventilation (DCPSV) means that occupants will benefit from an energy efficient home with a fully automated ventilation system that not only prevents energy losses through over-ventilation, but also ensures good indoor air quality at no operational cost thanks to the system’s zero energy consumption. Further lifetime cost savings are also secured through there being no requirement for regular maintenance or filter changes.

Ventilation type
Natural ventilation