Events - 03/27/2013

Retrofits Tailored to Alleviate Fuel Poverty

Joseph Little, from Joseph Little Architects in Dublin, has created a presentation on behalf of Energy Action’s fuel poverty technical group. It was presented during the Energy Action European Conference 2013 “Reframing Fuel Poverty in Europe” on March 12, 2013 in Dublin. Contributors include Smart Facades, Aereco and Greenoak Energy Solutions.

In very practical terms, it presents an innovative integrated solution to providing external insulation and ventilation in social housing, focusing on Dublin’s 32,000 externally rendered terraces. With a reasonable investment (sharply decreasing with volume), more than 32% reduction in energy loss could be achieved with an overall payback period of 17 years. This solution has caught the interest of several social landlords.

Works also include moving forward windows to low thermal bridge position, allowing improvement in airtightness. Extended internal reveals are to be clad in prepared reveal boards allowing minimal time within house. Note however that boiler, heating controls and uninsulated ground floor are not changed in this proposal. Changing some of these more invasive elements items would significantly improve the energy rating further.

On the ventilation side, the approach includes Aereco’s Demand Controlled Mechanical Extract Ventilation system. An added advantage of this solution is that the duct from the downstairs exhaust grille is incorporated into the external wall insulation, which means less disruption of the occupants and less interior works.

You can download a pdf version of the presentation below. Please click here to contact Joseph Little’s building fabric consultancy wing for technical assistance for project featuring this approach (in terms of technical details, costs, thermal performance, hygrothermal evaluation etc.) ..