Events - 09/19/2011

UK market gets ready for domestic Demand Controlled Ventilation


Demand Controlled Ventilation, a proven product concept on mainland Europe, looks sets to become part of the UK mainstream after a series of presentations by acknowledged and leading experts at a recent Building Research Establishment event.

The seminar and workshops were organised by the DCV Group, which is part of HEVAC, and attended by domestic ventilation experts along with house building representatives and leading academics.

There were detailed presentations from Marc Jardinier, Covenor of CEN/TC156/WG2 at European level; Julien Piriou from CSTB, the French Building authority; Willem de Gids, ventilation expert from the Netherlands; Dr Thomas Hartmann of ITG Dresden; Dr Martin Krus of the Fraunhofer Institut IBP in Germany; Jelle Laverge of Ghent University and Dr Chris Irwin, a UK based domestic ventilation expert. All presented their own specific methodology of comparing the various types of residential ventilation.

Co-Chair of the event, Malcolm Orme of AECOM, commented, “We must learn from the European experience, there are parallels which will translate into the UK, although we are conscious of the differences between our Building Regulations and those of other countries in Europe”.

For the Building Research Establishment, the other co-chair Christopher Gaze commented, “We understand that DCV is part of the product mix which is necessary to deliver better quality housing.”