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Aereco, an innovative company in the field of ventilation

Aereco develops innovative ventilation solutions for residential and office buildings with a key concept, the modulation of airflow rates according to the needs. With this principle associated to specific technologies, Aereco demand-controlled ventilation systems fully meet the Building current challenges with regard to energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Aereco offers several lines of products that can be implemented in various systems, from natural and hybrid ventilation to mechanical exhaust and heat recovery ventilation.

An international group

The group, whose headquarters and factory are located in France in Marne la Vallée, is present in most countries in Europe as well as in Asia and in the USA, through subsidiaries and a wide network of distributors. Founded in 1983, Aereco Group includes today more than 400 employees.


Since May 2014, the Aereco headquarters and plant are established in a new 18 000 sqm building in Marne-La-Vallée (France), with 10 000 sqm of factory, 5 000 sqm of stock and 3 000 sqm of offices. Present in most of the countries of Europe, China, Japan, United States and Russia, Aereco continues to grow in the world thanks to its numerous international representatives (subsidiaries and offices) and a large network of distributors.

Innovate to stay ahead

Our research center develops, studies and tests innovative principles and processes that will be used in our products. With experts in Indoor Air Quality, acoustics and aeraulics, the research center has the know-how and the equipment to imagine and design the future systems. Our team of R&D engineers develops the concepts suggested by the Research Center, combining performance, design, quality and cost.

With state-of-the-art CAD workstations and rapid prototyping machines, new products can be put in the manufacturing process in time to meet with market needs.

Millions of products manufactured every year

More than two million products are manufactured every year, to equip an average of 300 000 dwellings all over the world, mainly in Europe. All production machines are designed and manufactured in-house. Humidity sensitive sensors are produced and assembled in a special air-conditioned room, responding to the specific needs of this essential component of Aereco ventilation products.