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Demand controlled ventilation, even more energy efficient


The MEV system with heat recovery enhances again the energy performance of the Aereco‘s Mechanical Exhaust Ventilation: by adapting the airflows according to the needs in the dwelling, the Aereco demand controlled system already reduces consequently the heat demand. Through recovering the heat air energy at the level of the exhaust fan, this system drastically reduces the energy load for the air renewal. The AWN fan with heat recovery is connected to a heat pump that can be used for water heating or air heating. The AWN range of fans offers two types of calorigen fluid: water + glycol or refrigerant.

Collective treatment for apartments

With MEVHR system, the air in a building is renewed by the fan installed in the roof. The air extracted through the exhaust units (2) of the wet rooms determines the air renewal of the entire dwelling. The humidity sensitive air inlets (1) distribute the new air according to the needs of each main room. The demand controlled exhaust units distribute the airflow generated by the fan (3) according to the needs of each wet room, in each dwelling. Thus rooms, or dwellings, with high new air requirements induce more airflow than empty ones.

With the AWN, the fan (3) includes a heat exchanger that is connected to a heat pump (4) that assists the distribution of domestic hot water in the dwellings, through the recovery of a part of the heat that is contained in the exhausted air.

Decreasing the energy load of the heating system

Through the MEVHR system, an important part of the energy induced by the ventilation can be recovered and then be reused to decrease the energy demand of the energy generating system. In the presence of a heat pump for heat generation, this energy can be directly integrated into the heat source circuit (brine or air). In the case of other heat generators, this energy quantity can be brought from the exhaust air to a temperature level (max. 50°C) by means of an autonomous heat pump.

Thus, for example, the preheating of the hot water is possible or is provided in a buffer store for the heating and / or hot water. In the case of combined use of the ventilation and heat pump technology, a heat exchanger is installed in front of the exhaust fan. The remaining usable energy is extracted from the exhaust air. Intelligent control optimizes the supply and demand of energy from exhaust air and outside air.