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Delivering ventilation that works.

Ventilation that secures good indoor air quality while being energy efficient?

That’s quiet and reliable?

Ventilation that has the capacity to respond to changes in its environment?

Ventilation that works?

This is the goal of Aereco. It’s the basis on which Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) was founded. And it’s the principle behind the Aereco Quality Standard.

The Aereco Quality Standard is more than just superlatives and marketing. It’s a process that practically engages the supply chain and secures the installed performance of the system.

The Aereco Quality Standard is:

  • A technology with capacity as a principle of design;
  • Free ventilation design and advice on or off site regardless of who you are, where you are and what size your project is;
  • Commissioning of systems in house by Aereco or one of our certified partners;
  • Digital Aereco Quality Standard Commissioning certificate that is controlled by us and only available through us or one of our partners;
  • Free filter replacement where necessary under the warranty period of the fan;
  • Where a system has the Aereco Quality Standard certificate, significant extension of the warranty to 5 years.

There are no costs to the Aereco Quality Standard, but a requirement to engage with us from design through to commissioning. The Aereco Quality Standard Certificates and associated extensions of support and warranties are only provided with full systems and full engagement from start to finish.

The Aereco Quality Standard is available on systems in one of two ways:

  • Supply directly from us only – with installation support and commissioning by us
  • Through a local certified partner

We will support you and your team in achieving the standards required but if the installation or systems does not meet our standards, the Aereco Quality Certificate will not be issued and associated support and extensions of warranty will not be available. You can access a standard commissioning checklist here. It will record similar information and we will receive a copy, but it will not unlock the Quality Standard benefits.

We believe it is possible to deliver ventilation that works, every time.

But it requires a joined up approach where everyone take responsibility and that includes the manufacturer. DCV provides a unique opportunity to deliver a system with the capacity to meet the ever changing demands on ventilation. But it can only do that if it’s designed right, installed right and commissioned to prove it is right. The Aereco Quality Standard does exactly that.

If you want more information on the Aereco Quality Standard, please send us your details and we'll come back to you shortly. CONTACT US

‘There is growing recognition that appropriate and correctly installed / commissioned ventilation isn’t simply ‘a nice to have’ but a pre-requisite. It is encouraging to see manufacturers, such as Aereco, responding to this challenge and providing the comprehensive approach necessary to deliver systems that really perform for householders.’

David Adams, Technical Director, Willmott Dixon Energy Services Ltd

‘This is a genuine and welcome attempt to engage with the supply chain and address many of the problems that have led to widespread failures in ventilation performance noted in recent reports. The Academy supports initiatives that help to reduce the performance gap. Our Retrofit Coordinator course provides people with knowledge to manage projects successfully. But well-considered initiatives like this from Aereco are also required to build trust with customers that what they ‘get’ is what they ‘bought’.’

David Pierpoint, Executive Director, Retrofit Academy CIC

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