Products - 11/18/2013

Hybrid ventilation is now even more energy efficient

With power consumption of only 35 W at 800 m3/h*, the VBP+ hybrid ventilation fan offers exceptional energy efficiency.

Its hybrid operation (natural / passive or mechanical mode) allows it to automatically adapt to weather conditions and maintain the ductwork pressure, all year round. The VBP+ is specifically designed for use with demand controlled ventilation systems (in conjunction with extract grilles featuring humidity sensitive, presence detection or other activation modes).

The VBP+ can be installed on a flat or slopped roof or on an existing chimney through the use of adaptive parts. Its large free area (984 cm²) allows installation on collective or individual ducts without reducing the cross section.

The patented blade design not only allows the unit to work in natural / passive mode in the event of a power supply failure, but also allows a very light maintenance requirement when compared to a standard mechanical ventilation system. The VBP+ hybrid fan is also designed to resist to fire-smoke with its body and structure in galvanised steel, and with a non-combustible mineral board reinforced with selected fibres and fillers that protect the Electronically Commutated (EC) motor.

The VBP+ hybrid ventilation fan is the ideal solution for the renovation of buildings using natural (passive stack) ventilation ducts and can also be an ideal solution for new build projects with a high energy efficiency requirement.

*@ 20 Pa

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