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Aereco takes part in an initiative for the hospital workforce.

As part of this initiative set up by 3Dnatives, we are using our 3D printer to make visors that will be distributed free of charge to hospitals, in the hope of making a big difference for health care employees who, in their work, are particularly exposed to infectious risks.

Over the past week, several major companies have joined the visors creation, and we are now working with HP, Decathlon, L’Oréal, PSHA and said 3Dnatives.

The first delivery will take place on March 30. For more information about this initiative, you can consult this press release (in french).

You can join the project too if you are a company or a maker able to print in 3D or to make injection in self-clavable polyamide PA12, and to manufacture visors in PETG. Contact [email protected]


Photo credit: HP