Whole house fan - 5-6 Rooms

Robust, efficient and affordable fan

The V5S fan can ventilate a complete dwelling: the 6 available side inlets can be connected to several extract units in the wet rooms.

With its constant pressure, the fan is well suited to demand controlled extract units.

The V5S completes the existing line of Aereco fans for individual treatment (the V2AV4A and VAM), with comparable features such as a flat design (for installation in a cupboard or in a false ceiling), robust construction, and ease of maintenance thanks to a removable cover.

In addition, its large box optimises its aeraulic performance and the energy consumption of the motor. It can be installed in the wet rooms, or in an insulated attic, on the floor, on the ceiling, or on the wall.

The V5S exists in two versions: with an ECmotor (V5S “Premium”) or an asynchronous motor (V5S “Reference”, not for sale in the EU since 01/01/2016 due to the ErP Directive).