Silent: only 33 dB(A) @ 40 m³/h.

Low energy consumption: only 5.5 W @ 40 m³/h.

Constant pressure: fitted to demand controlled exhaust units.

Easy to install: flat and compact, directly installed in inhabited space.

12 VAC output to supply electrical exhaust units.

Outlet 100 mm in diameter.

Inlets 80 mm.

Easy to maintain: simple yearly cleaning of a filter, easily accessible without tools.


An intelligent EC-motor

The speed of the EC-Motor (Electronic Commutation Motor) of the V2A is controlled by an electronic board. The motor speed, associated with a special wheel, holds the pressure at 80 Pa to keep the airflow proportional to the variable cross section of the two connected demand controlled exhaust units. This keeps power consumption and noise emissions to a minimum.

Installed close to the occupant

Because it is silent and compact, the V2A can be installed directly in the living space, in a wall cupboard, a loft volume, etc. Maintenance is facilitated by its proximity to the occupant, and also by the removable filter, easily reached by opening the lid, with no need of a tool.

12 VAC output for exhaust units with electrical boost airflow

The V2A fan includes a 12 VAC transformer to supply up to two exhaust units equipped with an electrically activated airflow.

Acoustic exhaust fan   V2A 100V V2A 230V
Standard code   V2A041* V2A032
Airflow characteristics      
Max. airflow @ 80 Pa m3/h 80 80
Max. pressure Pa 80 80
Sound power level Lwa dB 36 36
Sound pressure level Lp (r = 2m) [airflow in m3/h] dB(A) 32 [20] ; 33 [80] 32 [20] ; 33 [80]
Power supply   100 VAC / 50 Hz 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Motor type   EC (Electronic commutation) EC (Electronic commutation)
Power consumption [airflow in m3/h] W 5.5 [40] ; 13 [80] 5.5 [40] ; 13 [80]
IP degrees of protection   IP30 IP30
Weight kg 3.9 3.9
Colour   grey grey
Material (main)   PS PS
Dimensions mm 390 x 390 x 176 390 x 390 x 176
ErP specifications      
SEC, Climat   Cold: -53,31 / Average: -25, 63 / Warm: -10,13
ErP Classification from 01/01/2016   Not applicable
ErP information   Upload ErP directive on related documents
ErP label     Not applicable
Max. available duct connections**   4 4
Max. connectable exhaust units (airflow capacity)   2 2
Inlet mm ø80 ø80
Outlet mm ø100 ø100
Installation   inside the heated volume / in protected non-inhabitable place (attic, etc.) / wall / ceiling / floor
Filter   ■ (removable) ■ (removable)
Cleaning   cover easy to open (no tools needed)
Removable electrical part   ■ (motor changed without removing fan) ■ (motor changed without removing fan)
Direct-drive impeller  
Speed RPM 1395 1395
Other functions      
12 VAC output for 2 boost airflow exhaust units supply  

■ standard
* supply voltage not compatible with UE standard.
** available accessories: ø80, ø100 and ø125 mm.


AEA877 AEA877 Connecting spigot for ø125 mm air duct
SE3203 SE3203 Connecting spigot for ø100 mm air duct

Installation and maintenance instruction – D3904_D // EN – FR – D


Installation Instructions - TF3486_E


Replacement Kit for V2A Moto-Turbine - 4198_D


Replacement Kit for V2A Supply Set - for AVE052 / AVE 1032 / DP876 - TF4292_C


Product booklet – FLY178GB_v2

Compatible ventilation systems: