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Wall humidity sensitive air inlet

The EHT² is the new generation of humidity sensitive wall air inlet. Installed on the wall it is an ideal alternative to window air inlets.

ZWRHV 40 / KWHRVA 02 ist ein Außenluftdurchlass für die Wand Kategorienbild


Wall humidity sensitive air inlet

Installed on the wall or on a rolling shutter casing, the EHT humidity sensitive air inlet is the ideal choice for air admission through the wall, and thus provides an alternative where lack of available space (on window frames) prevents the installation of window mounted air inlets.

Produktbild ZFH/ZFHV/ZFHA/ZFHVA Bild der Produktseite Einbausituation


Acoustic humidity sensitive air inlet for windows

The stylish design of the EHA² air inlet enables perfect integration on most windows or rolling shutter casings. With the inclusion of high efficiency acoustic foam the product reaches an acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dB when mounted with the special base and canopy. An optional device allows on demand manually closing or opening of the air inlet, complementing the humidity sensitive function available on the EHA².


Humidity sensitive air inlet for windows

With its slim design (only 31 mm thickness), the EMM² is optimised to discreetly integrate on windows.

Außenluftdurchlass ZUROH 100 / ZUROH 110 für den Rollladenkasten Kategorienbild mit EInbausituation am Fenster


Humidity sensitive air inlet for rolling shutter casings

With its flat design and its special airtightness sleeve, the EAH² air inlet is perfectly fitted to equip rolling shutter casings.