Specially designed for rolling shutter casings.

Humidity sensitive system: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity rate.

Optional closing and opening device.

Vertical air jet for the comfort of the occupant.

Air admission hole and shutter not visible from the occupant.

Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly-dusting.

Easy to install, no visible screws.


Aesthetic integration

The flat and compact design of the EAH² and its non-visible top shutter favorites its aesthetic integration, especially when mounted on rolling shutter casings. Its single frame front cover makes the painting easy to adapt to colored casings or windows.

Improved airtightness through efficient accessories

A common issue with rolling shutter casings, notably when in PVC, is that the slot drilled on its façade for ventilation generates lateral leakages through the cells. To avoid this issue we have developed a specific sleeve, the T-EAH², that ensures the continuity between the inner part of the shutter casing and the air inlet, optimizing the acoustic and aeraulics performance. A back seal (S-EAH²) is also proposed to adapt to specific shape of rolling shutter casing (light curve, unflat façade, etc.). This accessory is stuck at the back of the air inlet (self-adhesive seal).

Rolling shutter casings, but not only

Although first dedicated to rolling shutter casings, the EAH² can also equip windows with large top frames or transom windows.

 Air inlet    EAH² 5-35  EAH² 11-35  EAH² 24  EAH² 35
 Standard code    EHP1219  EHP1220  EHP1221  EHP1222
 Airflow characteristics          
 Humidity sensitive  
 Closing + opening device   ¤ (EHP1198)  –
 Airflow (min.-max.) @ 10 Pa standard version m3/h  5-35  11-35  24  35
 Airflow (min.-max.) @ 10 Pa with additional airflow sleeve E-EAH² m3/h 16-50  24-50  38  50
Dn,e,w Acoustic attenuation @ max. opening, air inlet only dB  33  33  33  33
Adjustment factors (C ; Ctr) dB (0 ; 0) (0 ; 0) (0 ; 0) (0 ; 0)
Dn,e,w Acoustic attenuation(1) @ max. opening, with specific canopy(2) dB 35 35 35 35
Adjustment factors (C ; Ctr) dB (0 ; 0) (0 ; 0) (0 ; 0) (0 ; 0)
Dn,e,w Acoustic attenuation(1) @ max. opening, with specific canopy and airtightness sleeve T-EAH² dB 36 36 36 36
Adjustment factors (C ; Ctr) dB (0 ; -1) (0 ; -1) (0 ; -1) (0 ; -1)
Dn,e,w Acoustic attenuation(3) @ max. opening, air inlet with rolling shutter casings dB Between 42 and 49
 Additional airflow sleeve E-EAH² (ref. AEA1216)
 Airtightness sleeve(4)  T-EAH² (ref. AEA1217)
 Flat back seal  S-EAH² (ref. AEA1218)
 Weight g 156 156 138 138
 Colours     White (front cover) Dark grey (shutter and technical parts)
 Material (main)    ABS, PS  ABS, PS  ABS, PS  ABS, PS
 Slot (centre distances) mm Without sleeve: 250 x 20 mm With E-EAH² or T-EAH²: 250 x 25 mm
 Rolling shutter casing    ■
 Transom window    ■
 Wall(5)    ■
 Destination room   Bedroom / living room

■ standard / ¤ optional
All data and pictures in this document are not contractual and are subject to change without prior notice.
(1)Acoustic tests performed in CETIAT laboratory (test report CETIAT n°1663030-2)
(2)With a specific canopy aimed at simulating the presence of rolling shutter casings.
(3)Depending on the type of roller shutter casings. Tests realized in IFT Rosenheim laboratory.
(4)Not compatible with the E-EAH².
(5)Needs the use of a duct adapted to the product.

Canopies As first dedicated for rolling shutter casings, the EAH2 does not require external canopy, the space between the shutter and the box of the rolling shutter casing being used as the outdoor slot for the incoming air. In the case of using a specific canopy, it must be validated that the aeraulics surface and its geometry are compatible with the slots and airflows of the air inlet.



AEA1216 E-EAH2 Additional airflow sleeve
AEA1217 T-EAH2 Airtightness sleeve
AEA1218 S-EAH2 Flat back seal

Installation instruction - TF6043_A


Product booklet – FLY636GB_v2


Product booklet – FLY636GB_v2

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