Avoids the internal cooling of the window (protects from condensations)

Keeps the thermal performance of the window

Optimizes the acoustics of the air inlet (no noise leakage)

Ensures the air section needed

Adapts to the thickness of the window

Aesthetic integration: designed for Aereco air inlets

Easy installation: fixing through the holes of Aereco air inlets and canopies


Avoids the internal cooling of the window

By ensuring the continuity of the flow from the outside canopy up to the indoor air inlet, the window telescopic sleeve E-TFR prevents the cooling of the window inner frame. It thus reduces the risk of condensation inside and keeps the thermal performance of the window, notably for aluminium windows. 

Adapts to most of the window profiles, as thin as thick

With two interlocking parts and a telescopic extension available as an accessory, the E-TFR adapts to window profiles from 50 to 130 mm thickness. Included clips also allow to ensure the correct connection of the components within the profile.

E-TFR Window telescopic sleeve   E-TFR EMM E-TFR EHA² E-TFR EMM² E-TFR s
Standard Code   AEA1150 AEA1151 AEA1429 AEA1152
Description   Kit window sleeve for EMM Kit window sleeve for EHA² Kit window sleeve for EMM² Extension sleeve for E-TFR
Air inlets compatibility   EMM EHA EHA² EMM² EMM EHA EHA² EMM²
Opening area mm² 3 600 3 600 3 600 3 600
Weight g 100 109 100 52
Colour   white white white white
Material   PS PS PS PS
Compatible window thikness   50 to 71 mm 50 to 71 mm 50 to 71 mm 81 to 130 mm (AEA1150 or AEA1151 or AEA1429 required)*
Slots to drill   L x h = 359 x 16 mm (minimum dimensions)
Configuration   Fixed part – fixed part or mobile part – mobile part
Compatible type of windows   PVC, aluminium, wooden, mixt
Mounting   Introduce the components into the slot, support surface into contact with the window. Fixed by the screws of the canopy and of the air inlet.

* The window profiles whose thickness is between 71 and 81 mm require a cutting of the telescopic extension and of the part in contact with the air inlet. Beyond 120 mm, a silicone seal between each component is recommended to ensure the tightness of the assembly.

Dimensions in mm


Air inlets and canopies

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Product booklet – FLY605GB_v1

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