2 types of ventilation module: RV for indoor installation & DV for outdoor installation

Low energy consumption: the EC engine meets the requirements of EnEV

Constant pressure control: ideal for demand-controlled ventilation

Easy to maintain: motor easily accessible by a trapdoor to clean the blades

ReSource Control - Intelligent and Source-Oriented Heat Pump Control. Always high performance for the best efficiency.

Silent: acoustic foam on the entire envelope and sound trap available on request, optional.


Exhaust air heat pump efficient for heat generation and heat recovery

Stale air is extracted according to the air needs of the inhabitant of the dwelling and according to the indoor air quality of the dwelling. This stale air contains energy that is recovered and sent to the power plant. The AWN Connect includes the AWN Basic (DV / RV), and a separate heat pump specifically designed for AWN: Connect WP. In combination with an air extraction module (AWN Basic) for outdoor or indoor installation, the AWN Connect system can be flexibly adapted to individual building projects. In addition, several AWN Basic can be used with a unique Connect WP.

Intelligent and Source-Oriented Heat Pump Control – ReSource Control

The source-oriented heat pump control – ReSource Control – always adjusts the heat pump flow according to the volume flow of exhaust air available. This resulted in near-continuous operation and extended operating time for improved homogeneity and efficiency.

Highly efficient feed pumps

Into the Connect WP, a highly efficient and power-controlled heating water feed pump is already integrated. In order to guarantee a constant temperature distribution between the outgoing flow and the return of the heat pump and thus to obtain the best performances, the supply pump is always adapted to the requirements thanks to an integrated measuring technology. In the Connect WP, a pump for the distribution of brine and a pump for the distribution of heating water are already integrated.

  Ventilation unit installation Air flow range (effective volume flow) Fan model Heat pump model
AWN DV-A40 Connect 121 Outdoor 480 – 1.650 m³/h AWN DV-A40 Basic 101 Connect WP120
AWN DV-A50 Connect 121 Outdoor 480 – 2.475 m³/h AWN DV-A50 Basic 101 Connect WP120
AWN DV-A50 Connect 131 Outdoor 1.250 – 2.475 m³/h AWN DV-A50 Basic 101 Connect WP130
AWN DV-A70 Connect 131 Outdoor 1.250 – 3.600 m³/h AWN DV-A70 Basic 101 Connect WP130
AWN RV-A40 Connect 120/121 Indoor/Outdoor 480 – 1.275 m³/h AWN RV-A40 Basic 100/101 Connect WP120
AWN RV-A50 Connect 120/121 Indoor/Outdoor 480 – 1.950 m³/h AWN RV-A50 Basic 100/101 Connect WP120
AWN RV-A50 Connect 130/131 Indoor/Outdoor 1.250 – 1.950 m³/h AWN RV-A50 Basic 100/101 Connect WP130


    Connect WP120 Connect WP130
Installation   Indoor Indoor
Modulation range heat output (A20W35) kW 2,6 – 8,6 6,8 – 22,6
Modulation range – exhaust air m³/h 480 – 1.800 1.250 – 4.500
Minimum exhaust airflow required m³/h 480 1.250
Max heating flow temperature °C 55 55
Sound pressure level, housing radiation dB(A) 54 58
Sound pressure level at 3m distance Lp, A dB(A) 31 33
Connection to the main station      
Brine – Pipe connection   1 1/4 ” IG 1 1/4 ” IG
Brine – Flow m³/h 1,34 2,76
Brine – Permitted antifreeze   Ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol
Brine – Available external delivery pressure kPa 52 48
Water-connections heating circuit   1 1/4 ” IG 1 1/4 ” IG
Water-max. volume flow heating circuit m³/h 1,805 3,155
Water available ext. delivery pressure kPa 48 42
Energetic data      
Nominal heat output / COP (A20W35) kW / – 6,06 / 5,66 13,62 / 5,33
Nominal heat output / COP (A20W38) kW / – 5,82 / 7,35 13,74 / 7,18
COP (A20W40)   4,6 4,5
Refrigerant   R410A R410A
Refrigerant charge kg 1,6 2,39
Electrical data      
Compressor – Drive technology   Source-oriented performance controlled Source-oriented performance controlled
Repair switch   integriert integriert
Supply voltage V / Hz 230 / 50 400 / 50
Max current consumption A 10,2 10,4
Max power consumption kW 2,25 6,2
Contact for external enable signal   Included Included
Fault signal   Contact for group message, digital display on the device Contact for group message, digital display on the device
Housing properties      
Weight (overall device) kg 95 140
Material   Steel (galvanized and powder coated) Steel (galvanized and powder coated)
Other components      
Feed pump brine circuit   Included Included
Surge tank brine circuit   Included Included
Feed pump heating circuit (speed controlled)   Included Included

All data for exhaust air of 20°C and 50% rel. Humidity and for brine from 35% Ethylene glycol and water.
Information according to EN 14511 : 2013

Heat pump Connect WP120 and WP130


 Dimensions   Connect WP120 Connect WP130
Height (A) mm 976 1126
Width (B) mm 605 605
Depth (C ) mm 603 773
Weight kg 95 140


For more detail about fan module dimensions, please refer to AWN Basic, section « Schematics »


Product booklet - AWN CONNECT - FLY697_CONNECT_GB_v1


Product booklet – FLY660GB_v2


Product booklet – FLY661GB_v3


Specifications for heat pump – FLY662GB_v1


Codification of the range – FLY663_v1 // FR - GB


Installation and maintenance instruction – NOT659EX_v5

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