Constant pressure fitted to demand controlled exhaust units.

DynamiX® Technology: ensures a silent system and optimal indoor air quality.

Very low energy consumption by combining demand control of airflows and heat recovery.

Easy installation in cupboard spaces thanks to its optimal dimensions.

Easy maintenance of the filters through designed trapdoors.

Body made of EPP, an environmental friendly material.


Indoor Air Quality at its best

The DXA enhances indoor comfort by providing healthy air, at a milder temperature, preheated by the integrated heat exchanger. To feel good at home, the DynamiX® Technology, available on "Excellence" version, adapts, at any time, both supply and exhaust airflows to the occupants needs in every room through accurate sensors (CO2 or presence). The Dynamix® Technology is a smart demand control strategy specific to the DX System which follows two main purposes: to reduce inherent noise from the heat recovery system while guaranteeing the best Indoor Air Quality. 

An outstanding energy performance throughout the year

By combining the benefits of a full demand control of airflows and heat recovery, the DXA offers the best energy performance solution. With an 93% heat exchanger efficiency and a reduction by half of the statistical airflows leading to an equivalent saving on the associated thermal allows to reach about 95% energy savings when compared with a mechanical exhaust ventilation system at constant airflow, with the same indoor air quality.

Easy to install

DXA has been designed in such a way that only one person is required to install it. Handles on the side of the unit are specifically designed in order to better grasp it. In addition, the appliance has a very high resistance to weight ratio. Weighting only 23 kg, DXA requires few wall clampings.

Easy to maintain and set up

Three filters can be easily replaced without dismounting the unit, by simply removing the trapdoors. Filter durability is doubled compared to traditional heat recovery systems, notably thanks to a very large surface of filtration and demand controlled airflows. A color LCD touch screen allows the occupant to view system parameters, to diagnose operation, to control setups such as automatic bypass temperature, to boost ventilation or to action a free cooling on demand. It also notifies the occupant when the filters need to be replaced.


The main material used to produce the DXA, the EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), is a ¨green¨ material, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable. It does not include any VOC (volatile organic compound), CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) or other compounds known to be particularly harmful to the environment.

HRV unit with demand control for cupboard installation   DXA DXA
Standard code   DXA1240 (Excellence / Premium)
DXA1712 (Evolution)
DXA1705 (Reference)
DXA1247 (Excellence / Premium)
DXA1711 (Evolution)
DXA1706 (Reference)
Maximum airflow m3/h 230
Other nominal airflows m3/h 80 / 140 / 200 / 230
Airflow compensation (filter clogging)   Automatic
Airflow balance (supply and exhaust)   Automatic
Sound power level Lw @ 161 m3/h, 50 Pa dB(A) 52
Sound power level Lwa [ a / b / c / d ] dB 49 / 54 / 59 / 60
SEC, Climate for Evolution, Premium, Excellence kWh/(m².an) Cold : -84.32 / Average : -44.62 / Warm : -18.53
SEC, Climate for Reference kWh/(m².an) Cold : -78.75 / Average : -39.31 / Warm : -14.09
Label (EU Ecodesign Directive)   A+ (for excellence, Premium, Evolution) – A (for Reference)
Ecodesign Information   Download the Ecodesign Information Download the Ecodesign Information
ErP Label   Download the ErP DXA1240GM Label
Download the ErP DXA1240EX Label
Download the ErP DXA1247GM Label
Download the ErP DXA1247EX Label
Power supply   230 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor type   EC (x2)
Power  consumption @ 161 m3/h @50 Pa W 36.5
Power consumption @ 230 m3/h @50 Pa W 92.0
Sensors connections   RJ12
Demand control      
Compatible versions of DX System   Excellence / Premium / Evolution / Reference
Min – Max number of sensors for modulation at supply   1 – 5 for Excellence – At least 1 for Premium – None for others
Min – Max number of sensors for modulation at exhaust   1 – 5 for Excellence / Premium
Sensors type at supply   Presence / CO2 (Excellence / Premium)
Exhaust units type   Humidity / presence / switch / CO2 / VOC (Excellence / Premium / Evolution)
Exchanger   Polystyrene / Counter flow type / 93 % efficiency
Filters   On supply air: 2 x F7 / On exhaust air: 1 x G4
Weight kg 23
Colour   Black / grey EPP -white painted Galvanized steel houssing (option)
Material (main)   Expanded polypropylene (EPP) covered by a white galvanized metal sheet (optionnal)
Dimensions (H x W x L) mm with duct connectors: 1 428 x 552 x 545 without duct connectors: 1 188 x 552 x 545
Certifications   CE
Max. number of main rooms   6
Max. number of technical rooms   5
Connections   2 x (2 x ø160 mm)
Installation   2 wall fixed rails
Other functions (in option)      
Interface   2.8″ Colour Touch Screen interface (Excellence / Premium) Control module / Wifi (Evolution / Reference)
Bypass   Controlled by outdoor temperature / Also used for free cooling
Pre-heating (optional)   With resistance in fresh air ductwork from outside
Condensation management   Condensate pump Exhaust through siphon
Temperature of use      
Installation room   Frost Free: +5°c < T° < +50°C
Incoming outdoor fresh air or Extract   -5°c < T° < +50°C without pre-heating -26°c < T° < +50°C with pre-heating


Image Code Designation
ADX1428 DXA filter kit. Contains 1xG4 and 2xF7
ADX1449 Design cover for inlet and outlets ducts of DXA
ADW1167 Acoustic silencers
IHM1438 Remote colored touchscreen interface. Connection RJ12
DXA 1706EX

ErP Label DXA 1706EX – D5830_C

DXA 1711EX

ErP Label DXA 1711EX – D5830_C

DXA 1712EX

ErP Label DXA 1712EX – D5830_C

DXA 1705EX

ErP Label DXA 1705EX – D5830_C

DXA 230 Reference

Installation and maintenance instruction - TF6746_A

DXA 230 Evolution

Installation and maintenance instruction - TF6790_A

DXA 1247EX

ErP Label DXA1247EX – D5830_C


Installation and maintenance instruction – TF6401_E

DXA 1240EX

ErP Label DXA1240EX – D5830_C

DXR230 – DXA230

Ecodesign Directive (ErP): information specific to DXR230-DXA230 – TF6397_D // EN – FR – PL – HU – DE – RO


Installation and maintenance instruction – TF6400_A


Product booklet – FLY653_v4

Compatible ventilation systems: