for performance: a complete system offer with market-leading thermal and electrical performances.

for air quality: efficient filtration and personalised filter recommendations.


Functioning Principles 

General and permanent ventilation of the home with heat recovery from the extracted air to preheat the incoming air.

This air is treated by customizable filters which guarantee healthy air in the home.

Main Features

  • material :
    -PPE body and metal sheets,
  • configuration:
    -4 connections Ø 160 mm on the top of the machine,
    -two flow rates:
    -300 m3/h,
    -450 m3/h.
  • compact dimensions:
    -560 x 560 x 1088 mm,
    -light signal to indicate the ventilation status,
    -personalized filter recommendations,
    -exclusive radon mode,
    -model available with enthalpy exchanger.

Product Implementation

  • fixing using a cradle or fixing feet (sold as an accessory),
  • easy reversal of air flows,
  • connection of condensates required using the siphon kit sold as an accessory (except ref. kits)
  • start-up and adjustment using the InspirAIR wired remote control sold as an accessory (except kit refs.)
  • reduced size for easy integration into standard cupboards

Product Documents 

11023834 Floor Mounting Kit
1023486 Pre-heater
11023487 Post-Heater
Aldes InspirAIR® Top Premium

Aldes InspirAIR® Top Premium Product Booklet

Aldes InspirAIR® Top Premium

Aldes InspirAIR® Installation Instructions VEX40T

Aldes InspirAIR® Top Premium

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