Aereco V5S fan now listed on SAP Appendix Q Database

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Aereco MEV on SAP database

Our V5S fan has now been included on the SAP App Q database for both rigid and semi-rigid duct installations. 

We are one of the few firsts within the UK and Ireland to have our Demand Control Ventilation systems tested with the British Research Establishment (BRE) using our Semi-Rigid ducting system.

Specific fan powers are available for this fan with both rigid and semi-rigid duct. Having the most suitable ductwork system for a given building helps in achieving high energy performance. This step brings us closer to that goal and allows us to stay in line with the nearly Zero Energy Buildings Standard (nZEB).


Access the test results by clicking here.

Aereco requested BRE undertake testing of an Mechanical Extract Ventilation unit with semi-rigid duct to the test method for inclusion in the Product Characteristic Database of the NCM, SAP.

Aereco MEV fan label      Aereco MEV product label

Figure 1 MEV product label


Configuration of MEV product tested

The spigot sizes and locations of the product tested are detailed in Table 1 and shown in Figure 2.


Size (mm)


Kitchen and wet room extracts

6 x 100 mm

One three sides of the casing


125 mm

One end of casing

Table 1. Location and sizes of spigots


Aereco MEV spigot











Figure 2 Spigot layout of MEV


Each of the extract ducts followed the layout for a Long Duct, as set out in Figure 2 of Test method for central exhaust ventilation system packages used in a single dwelling, dated 15/01/2013, Version 2.0.

Aereco duct testing







Figure 3 Long Duct used for each leg during testing.


Aereco MEV semi rigid duct drawing

Aereco MEV semi rigid duct Aereco MEV semi-rigid duct

Figure 4 Semi-Rigid duct installed on MEV unit.


Fan and speed control

The fan was pre-set by the manufacturer to maintain a constant pressure across the fan. The control pressure was reported to be 100 Pa. Variations in air flow rate were achieved by adjusting the room extract valves only.

Fan in Aereco unit








Fan - Aereco unit  Aereco unit with fan

Figure 5 Fan installed in unit.


Access the test results by clicking here.