Get an online training on ventilation on June 24th

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Through our partnership with The Green Register, our team will be dispensing a two-part series of online training on ventilation. 

The first online training session will be take place on May 28th and will cover the basic principles of ventilation, its link to building performance, moisture control in buildings and indoor air quality.

Vince House and Peter King will discuss:

  • Why we need to ventilate buildings
  • Overview of each recognised ventilation system and others
  • Example of calculating ventilation rates in accordance with Part F
  • The damage moisture can do to buildings and how to minimise this
  • Testing & commissioning systems
  • Best practice and guidance for installation

This second online training session builds on the knowledge provided in our Level 1 session. It’ll take place on June 24th.

Our same speakers will provide a more technically detailed, in-depth session explaining:

  • How to calculate ventilation extract rates
  • How occupancy affects the sizing and efficiency of ventilation systems
  • How to select the correct ventilation system
  • Acoustics in ventilation systems
  • The importance of adaptable systems
  • Contaminants which affect IAQ such as C02 and VOCs


To see more and book your training, click here.